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Alex Baker

Medical illustrator. USA

Alex Baker
Alexandra Baker grew up fascinated by both science and drawing, and like so many other medical illustrators when she first heard about the field it was a eureka moment for her. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, today she’s a leading medical illustrator, working for an array of book publishers and magazines, illuminating some the latest discoveries in medical science.

Texture and atmosphere are important elements in her work. She recalls the day when her father – who worked with electron microscopes – first showed her scans of the surface of a leaf and the proboscis of a butterfly. Today she uses various kinds of nature photography as sources of inspiration. Underwater images help her create the right mood when depicting the human body from the inside, and pictures taken in caves can help with bodily cavities. The branches of trees are reminiscent of arteries, and nature’s textures and patterns provide endless fascination for an artist who is dedicated to getting the details right.

She’s also inspired by the artists Stephen Gilbert and Frank Armitage, both of whom are medical illustrators. Outside of her art, she loves to run and took up training five years back. Since then she’s completed seven marathons and more than 20 half-marathons. A keen reader, she says her house is like a secondhand bookshop.


Alex has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia, and a Masters of Science in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia.


The medical subject matter means a good deal of research goes into each project Alex works on. After gathering information, she lets her mind wander and perhaps goes for a run before coming up with some concepts. Although she says her pencil is her most important tool, she does almost all her painting in Photoshop. The area of the body she’s painting and whether it’s internal or external will often influence the colour scheme.


Alex works in two main styles, depending on the intended audience. The first is light and sketchy, with the pencil drawing showing through for a hand-made feel. Her second style is darker and heavier. Alex imagines being a small spectator inside the body, like in the film The Fantastic Voyage, where the surroundings are like an alien landscape. She works with atmospherics, textures and depth of field for a style that breaks from the expected.


Best Cover, American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors: 2012 Silver 2008 Bronze 2004 Gold 2003 Gold
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Cesarean Section
An illustration of abnormal placentation
Concha Bullosa
Polyhydraminos illustration by AlexBaker
Chronic inflammation on capillary wall illustration
Eye Section
Breast Cancer
Renal Cell Carcinoma
Breast Density and Mammography
Heart Disease
An illustration of leg anatomy
An illustration of anatomy of breast
Midsagittal section of fetus illustration by Alex Baker
Uterine fibroids illustration by AlexBaker
Martial Arts 1
Whipple procedure illustration by AlexBaker
Robotic partial nephrectomy illustration by AlexBaker
Short cervix  illustration by AlexBaker
Electroconvulsive therapy illustration by AlexBaker
Insertion of Veress needle illustration by AlexBaker
Volleyball 1
Post-menopausal bleeding illustration by AlexBaker
Limbic system illustration by AlexBaker
Mechanism of NSAID molecule illustration by AlexBaker
An illustration of Cytochrome P450
An illustration of kidney stone in the proximal ureter
An illustration of Anatomy of the orbit blepharoplasty
An illustration of Laparoscopic appendectomy
An illustration of periviable premature rupture
An illustration of vaginal mesh extrusion
An illustration of Inducing Labor with Foley Catheter
An illustration of melanoma
Medical illustration - Controlling emesis from chemo and radiation
An illustration of pregnant patient with epidural
Palliative Care
Acupuncture Points
Zika virus
Subcutaneous Injection Technique
Swimmer's Ear
Running 1
Removal of Embedded IUD
Sacrospinous Ligament Attachment
An illustration of baby in womb
Solving the Puzzle
Microlaparoscopy illustration by AlexBaker
Ovarian transposition of fertility illustration by AlexBaker
Low ventricular ejection illustration by AlexBaker
Martial Arts 3
Uterine artery surgery illustration by AlexBaker
Constipation in large intestine illustration by AlexBaker
IVF Trophoectoderm transfer illustration by AlexBaker
Peripheral arterial disease illustration by AlexBaker
Prostatectomy surgery illustration by AlexBaker
Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection illustration
Hematopoietic stem cell transplant illustration by AlexBaker
Robotic surgery illustration by AlexBaker
Prostate cancer illustration by AlexBaker
An illustration of cerebral cortex of the brain
An illustration of skeleton hand
Stomach illustration | Medical illustration collection
An illustration of sleep disorders management
An illustration of malaria life cycle
An illustration of Bladder Augmentation
An illustration of Breastfeeding
An illustration of Artery of Adamkiewicks
Medical illustrations of Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
An illustration of polycystic ovary
An illustration of neoplastic meninges
Radiofrequency Ablation of Uterine Fibroids
Pharmacogenomic Testing
Dry Eye
Internal Cystitis
Fetal Neurological Development with Maternal Obesity
Running 2
Facial Nerve
PSIS Bone Marrow Sampling
ARX Marathon Event
Flap reconstruction illustration by AlexBaker
Internal view of Fallopian tube fetus illustration
Peripheral neuropathy illustration by AlexBaker
Psychomotor dysadaptation syndrome illustration
Clusters in cancer illustration by AlexBaker
Martial Arts 2
Treatment of Breast Cancer
Cord prolapse illustration by AlexBaker
Intrathecal delivery illustration by AlexBaker
Dysphagia and swallowing illustration by AlexBaker
Volleyball 2
Morbid obesity surgery illustration by AlexBaker
Morcellation illustration by AlexBaker
Gastroesophageal reflux illustration by AlexBaker
An illustration of tumor in stomuch
An illustration of Encephalitis virus
Medical control of Parkinson's gait and tremors
An illustration of Endocarditis
Pdet maintenance in high spinal cord injury
An illustration of cross-section of endometrium
An illustration of mood and memory
Medical illustration - Histology of mucositis
Medical illustration of Tinnitus
An illustration of metastatic tumors in brain

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