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Annie Davidson

international naive linework illustrator. Melbourne

Annie Davidson
Annie Davidson is a Melbourne-based illustrator whose naïve and quirky drawings - filled with meticulous patterns and fine touches of detail - are catching the eye of clients worldwide.

She finds inspiration in plenty of ways. Japanese woodblock prints by artists like Hiroshi Yoshida, old botanical sketches by Ernst Haeckel, and quirky and humorous kids books – all of them have influenced her style. She also likes underwater scenes, surf beaches, crazy plants, and going to exhibitions by esoteric artists.

Part of Annie never wants to grow up, so she and her friends have formed an ‘Adventure Club’. Members try out activities that will give them an adrenalin rush, and afterwards they eat pancakes. It’s fun, it’s silly, and as Annie found out when they went skateboarding, it can give you a split lip.

Annie's favourite holiday destination so far is Slovenia. The country’s blue lakes, caves in the hills and castles on the cliffs are all sparks for her imagination.


Annie has a bachelor degree in Visual Communication from Monash University in Australia.


The creative process starts with a bit of inspiration and searching. Annie pins up photos and images found in books or online, and then starts sketching elements that might make it into her final piece. When she’s settled on an a composition, she draws over her sketches with a fineliner and adds texture and detail. Colouring is important to her, and this is done in Photoshop using layers. She tweaks the colours to bring balance to her palette before the image is complete.


Her style is based around a naïve, hand-drawn look and feel. Mainly, Annie uses line work, adding heavy patterns, detail and flat, digital colours. Her subjects are usually quite whimsical, and her drawings offer viewers an escape into another world. Sometimes, a dash of watercolour comes into play. Annie also makes paper dioramas for certain projects. This involves hand painting the key elements, cutting them out, then assembling them into a scene to be photographed.
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map, illustrated map, Arthurs seat, skylight
gig poster, paper diorama, guache, jungle, night, stars
florals, birds, fruit, pattern, full bloom, packaging
farm, goats, rabbit, mountains, landscape, linework
africa, cheetahs, spots, repeat print
packaging, chickens, rooster, linework, farm
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank
cacti, garden, night
kyoto, tea house, japan, flamingo, boating, terrarium, illustration, forest, water
pattern, repeat, cheetahs, africa, spots
florals, birds, fruit, pattern, full bloom, packaging
apron, chooks, farm, linework
tropical, floral, butterfly, pattern
chameleon, botanical, hawaii, tropical, waterlily
fish, under the sea, crab, coral, seaweed, sea grape, jellyfish
cacti, garden, coffee cup, packaging
Africa, candle, packaging, pattern, patchwork
signed & numberes, dinosaur, t-rex, cacti, window
deer, island, terrarium, print, water, bonsai
japan, Bridge, whysteria, garden, tourist, river
forest, paper, night sky, silhouette
illustration, deep sea diving, coral, under the sea, fish, terrarium
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank
monkey, illustration, medibank
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank, stomping
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank, chameleon, jungle
dinosaurs, illustration, terrarium, bonsai, plants
bonsai, rock climbing, fox, blossom
forest, water hole, animals, woodland, bonsai, illustration
Africa, illustration, Serengetti, huts
Market Poster
ink, watercolour, vegetable, fruit, flowers, pattern
fruit, figs, pansies, pattern, watercolour
map, armadale, birds eye, landmarks, watercolour
ben abraham, forest, christmas, deer, moose, paper diorama, night sky
Madagascar, pattern, patchwork, jungle, lemurs
Africa, illustration, Serengetti, huts
chickens, hens, eggs, farm, chooks, plate
fruity, floral, melamine, pattern, watercolour
tucan, tropical, jungle, linework, bright
pineapple, tropical, linework
ben abraham, paper diorama, paper planes, guitar, speakers, poster
dinosaur, illustration, linework, t-rex, cacti, landscape, terradactyl
bonsai, forest, deer, fox, rabbits, blossom, japanese, waterfall
bonsai, fishing, waterfall, pot plant, waterlily
illustration, bay beach, under water, coral reef, fish, seaweed, sand
chameleon, hiding, dinosaurs, illustration, medibank
soccer, football, dinosaurs, illustration, medibank
map, reserve, illustration, dinosaur, park
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank, boy, spinning, tail
lake, swan, illustration, boating, tea house, japan, night
bonsai, treehouse, swing, whimsical
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank, boy, frog, monkey, chameleon, flying, river, park, hills
garden party, maypole, the sea, botanical
monkey, dinosaur, illustration, medibank
abstract, watercolour, ink, colourful, grace and james, candle packaging
pansies, floral, fruity, watercolour, pattern
boy, field, birds, daisies, hummingbirds
topiary garden, paris, fountain, whymsical
print, cacti, garden, linework
grace and james, candles, packaging, watercolour
door mat, chook, rooster, farm
palm trees, repeat, pattern, africa, illustration
fruity, floral, melamine, pattern, watercolour
cow, calf, meadow, plate, melamine, farm
chooks, toile, farm, farmhouse, lrepeat pattern
cacti, cactus pot, garden
cows, farm, countryside, windmill, farmhouse, toile
bear, running, the woods, forest, roar
cd cover, moon, swimmers, jump
japan, mountains, waterfall, terrarium, landscape
treehouse, impala, bonsai, bunting, pot
sport, oval, houses, streets, dog, dinosaurs, illustration, medibank
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank, boy, bike
dinosaurs, illustration, medibank, dog, ball, soccer, football, park, bike
illustration, swim, waterfall, escape, terrarium
waterlilies, seaweed, illustration, underwater, fish, terrarium
illustration, blossom tree, water, swing,  terrarium, forest, nature

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