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Danny Allison


Currently based in hot and sunny Dubai, Danny Allison is a nomadic British artist originally from a town on the rainy Lancashire coastline. He happened into illustration by accident after being told that his graphic design work was too unstructured. It was a blessing in disguise, and the world of illustration is better for it as his bold and edgy work has come to grace everything from magazine covers to advertising campaigns, and on to music packaging. Danny also works as a professional photographer.


Danny studied photography at Blackpool and The Fylde College of Art as well as at Mid Cheshire College. He achieved a Higher National Diploma in photography, and then went on to complete a degree in illustration at Preston University.


There’s no fixed way in which Danny will approach a work. Like many artists he begins with sketches and builds up a composition, but how this is arrived at can involve plenty of testing and experimentation. Working with numerous layered, photographic elements, colours and textures he balances bold marks with subtle detail and stops when he feels its complete.


Movement, action and the sense that he’s depicting a living scene – these are all important aspects of Danny Allison’s style. His images are vibrant, but they wait to surprise you with hidden ideas and meanings. With his photographic background, real-life elements play a large role in his images, and thanks to his digital imaging skills there’s often a sense of the modern meeting the traditional. Danny will accept a brief dealing with any topic, and is proud of the fact that he’s never let a client down.

Client List

  • EMI
  • Budweiser
  • The BBC
  • Marlboro
  • Vauxhall
  • Wrigleys
  • The Guardian
  • Time Magazine
  • Renault
  • Manchester United
  • Nature Magazine
  • The Big Issue
  • The Grey Cup, Canada
  • Leo Burnett, France
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • TBWA
An illustration for Helneken beverage by Danny Allison
An illustration for Rider Nation cup by Danny Allison
Olympics, Cycling, FLags in the background
CANARY text, buildings in the background, car and a clock
Portrait of smiling man - An illustration by Danny Allison
Illustration of African Lion Roaring by Danny Allison
An illustration for Airwaves sugarfree chewing gum by Danny Allison
Lion with Goggles, Animal with blue and pink color, Foire Lyon
Girl with a pie, colorful strips flyingm buildings in the background
An illustration for King Crimson portrait Rock Magazine by Danny Allison
Wildflife illustration by Danny Allison
Cartoon, Halloween dress illustration
Marlboro ciggarettes, red and white box, black color text
Man with white cap, letters in the background
Illustration of Octopus and Fish by Danny Allison
Bullet train - An illustration by Danny Allison
Olympics, victory celebrations, man standing with gold medal
Penguin, sea animal, White face creature, Orange crab in water
london city, clock tower, double decker bus, Air bus, England flag in the background
Man with brain light idea bulb illustration concept.
Blue car on a yellow background, currency notes hanging
An illustration for olympics by Danny Allison
Watercolor Portrait illustration of Seal
girl in the snow background, red flower
Girl in the background, Teenager dancing, Feel Good Disco Text display
Orage tube in a pizza box illustration by Danny Allison
Man holding a devil head, people in the background
Red background Pattern, people running with victory sign
Party environment, Girl with goggles dancing, Background design
GMO Cover Up, Magazine cover, Text in the background, Red color pattern
Bald Man standing, Text in the background, Yellow pattern
background pattern, paper design
Illustration for poker game
UFC illustration, Country flag, African man screaming, man with hat standing,
text in the background, Poster design, people posing for a picture
Tortoise and Hare Cartoon illustration for children comics
Musical event illustration
Man with suit, big pen, colorful background
Beer illustration campaign
Girl in red dress, Tiger Text in the background
SunGlines text on the magazine, african man standing,
Yellow background pattern, UK flag, Girl in the background, Victory symbol
Nurse, Checks floor, girl watching
Health text in the background, man with bare body and bull head, knife and forks, vegetables
Girl with an elephant trunk, red dress, fiercy eyes
world cup shennanigans, momento, football cup, country flag, gold color trophy
Big text with orange color, Man looking fiercely, background pattern
Evil Seeds, red color fruit, roots in black color, text in the background
Portrait of a woman - Fashion Illustration
Bad teeth and gums affecting the baby - Illustration of ultrasound scan of Baby in mother’s womb.
Sunglines white color text, african girl with red shirt, people in the background
the meteo text, moon in the background, collage background
Text in the background, clock on yellow color, people standing, magazine cover
Estimated Breeding Values, Cows with best value award, people in the background
Rainbow in the sky, people walking on the road, Couple together
collage background, text in background, flames
Dental, Teeth with red lips, Lipstick, Barb wire in the mouth
Watercolor Car Illustration
Sound Tools Text, magazine cover, image collage, music waves
Magazine paper design, Medical background
Fitness & Health text, Magazine cover, man standing
Mans Face, video tape, colorful background
Religion, Jesus raising hands, man standing, Bombs falling, yellow and green background
Portrait Illustration of African Lion
Illustration for poker Danny Allison
planets in the universe, Gallileo, Moon shining bright,
Is Green Melting text in the background, magazine cover, blue background
Man with Goggles, red stripes in the background, black color
piano keys, Couple looking each other, mixed background, love symbol, magazine cover
Woman erotic, People in background, Heart symbol, Blue background
Playing cards set, Green Background, Rummy tournament
Music party, Blue background, Text on the image, saxophone, man standing on grass
Para Olympics, Man on wheel chair enjoying Victory, Gold medal
man standing, animals sitting together,
Motion Graphic display, Colorful line all over, horses running
People standing all around, black and white image,
Hardware equipment, software, joining hands,
Rose plant, Opened book with text in it, Roots coming out from paper
Racing motor cars leaving heavy pollution, black smoke, stop sign on the road
Front Runners Text, Magazine Cover, Sportsman Running, finishing line
The Big Issue Magazine cover, Helping Children symbol on the page
Nature big data text on green background, magazine page, barcode on the bottom
wind mill magazine, text in blue color, description on the paper
magazine papers with text composed, colorful images on white background, white swans in water
running race, two people in black dress sprinting, red background with finish line
smiley white face, ghosts in the background, text in green color
Mike tyson drawing, man with bald hair, devil face, black shirt
Animals, Hen Pig and Cows sitting together, Green Grass, Sun rays
Hundai logo on a car, star fish on a vehichle
Sunshine in the forest, Trees all over, Love symbol, sun rising, man standing
Globe in star shape, Organge color with mans face in the bottom
Green energy, Wind Power display, green and blue pattern
people in the background, human skulls, settomgs icon, humans in group, terrorism
Colourful background, yellow, orange and blue color with hand, man standing with raised hands
aeroplanes in the sky, red smoke coming out of flying objects, Air show
Sea creature, Huge Fish in open water, shark attacking other fish
Green human brain, persons head with closed eyes, rainbow in the sky, cloud in the background
text on the top, white hand with open palms, man running alone, blue background
Nature, Greenery, Blue Sky
Huge shark with mouth open coming out of desk, blood on the floor
nude girl in front of a mirror, blood dots every where, black and white image in the glass
Polar bear in the water, blue background, animal eating fish
Mosquito sucking blood, medicines in the background
birds playing, swans in love shape, water in the background
Grass, pouring water, , ecosystem, windmill in the field,
Fire in the tube, Green energy advantages, wind turbines in the hands
girl sitting with face mask, yellow background, multiple hands
Food Dish, Vegetables
Music party, Headphones, Girl Dancing, People in background
Tub, man drinking in the background, sofa at a corner
Gentle man standing, Chairs at the desk, bar desk
Ecosystem, Magazine cover, Yellow rays, Blue Sky
Old man with beard, Face, red pattern background
Resurrection text, Green Background, Lions facing each other
Grahmphone, Bugs in speaker, music player
Barbed wire with blood on walls, Comunist logo in the middle

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