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Gail Armstrong FAV

Gail Armstrong


Gail Armstrong has been creating paper sculptures for over 20 years and her enthusiasm for the medium hasn’t waned one snip. She still wants every image she creates to be better than the last, and this approach has led to plenty of awards, including a Cannes Gold Lion for her Kleenex campaign. She finds inspiration in contemporary art and, not surprisingly, the huge Paperchase outlet on Tottenham Court Road in London.
Gail did her foundation course at Sheffield Polytechnic before gaining both a BA and Post Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration at Glasgow School of Art. She began her career in graphic design, gradually accepting more and more illustration commissions and perfecting her paper crafting skills.

Though finally rendered in pieces of paper that have been carefully cut and glued together, each image Gail creates begins as a series of drawings. As she explores the composition and various concepts, she focuses on creating something that has both style and substance to it. The result is usually a photograph of her artwork, which viewers love to see more than once, poring over the textures, colours and patterns in the final construction.

Paper may seem flat to most of us, but Gail sees in it the potential to create new worlds with their own look and feel. Simple sheets are manipulated and transformed into 3D sculptures, imbued with beauty using a gamut of stocks, textures and colours.

Cannes Gold Lion 2010 – Billboards
Cannes Bronze Lion 2010 – Illustration
Cannes Bronze Lion 2010 - Press
The Big Won 2010 – 1st in Press Campaigns
Creative Circle Awards 2011 Silver in Illustration (Craft Print)
Creative Circle Awards 2011 Bronze in Magazine Campaign (Press)
Creative Match Flair Award for Illustration 2011
Daler Rowney Award for Outstanding Paper Sculpture 1997

Client List

  • Kleenex
  • United Nations stamp
  • Nestle
  • Sogo, Hong Kong
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Macy's
  • IRS
  • Guersey stamps
  • MidFirst Bank
  • Illinois Lottery
  • Dole
  • SouthWest Airlines
  • Which?
  • Minivelle
  • PALL
  • Microsoft
  • Virgin Travel
  • Anchor
  • Rotary
Illustration of Fashion Lifestyle and Shopping by Gail Armstrong
Origami Swans Illustration using water bills © Gail Armstrong
Origami Fish Illustration using water bills © Gail Armstrong
crest, surf, paper art
origami, paper art, paper craft, utility
Illustration of a family looking at Rainbow
open globe spilling out all the trappings of international business
Paper sculpture image of a SouthWest Airlines plane cutting through the sky and clouds
creativity, generate, branding, advertising
illustration of a swarm of bees
illustration of library bus
illustration of weeping girl using kleenex tissues
illustration of tennis player weeping and using kleenex tissues
illustration of chef weeping and using kleenex tissues
lifestyle, shopping, street
lifestyle, dining
graphic, signage, white paper
lifestyle, walking, street, relaxation
White paper
illustration of the lung test used for children suffering from Cystic Fibrosis
84th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Kung fu Panda, Shrek and Whimpy Kid
Paper flowers made from maps to demonstrate emerging markets
illustration of bouncing trash truck spilling trash on roads
3D papercraft classic american car illustration
Showbiz feet - the cast assembles on stage behind the red curtain
illustration of people sharing sweets
illustration of a traveller grabbing the Aero sweets in a train journey
illustration of young couple on a date share  Munchies sweet
Dreams, story, fantasy giant, strength
Paper sculpture holiday scene with olive trees and landscape
illustration of fruit Pastille sweets
Illustration for King and Fool by Gail Armstrong
Paper sculpture motivational illustration of 'Glory' and 'Failure' in football
illustration of girl in love weeping and using kleenex tissues
illustration of open plan office
Illustration of a gas hob target with lightbulbs and flame
Newspaper binoculars illustration
Royal London - paper sculpture crown incorporating London skyline
3D paper sculpture diamond engagement ring with sparkle
illustration of sharing a bag of ViceVersa sweets
3d paper image of open cappuccino and sugar packets
Illustration of day planner and pen
peacock feather illustrating sustainable development
Illinois Lottery Illustration
Illinois Lottery with prizes like Buses and Train
Illinois Lottery 2 billion cash Illustration
illustration of luggage and other travel items revolving around the globe
Footwear Fashion Illustration
illustration of butterfly on dahlia flower
illustration of mother and her distant son relationship scene
illustration of globe environmental issues pape rcut origami
illustration of tufted puffin
illustrating the stability of the US dollar
Award stage illustration
Paper cut image of fisherman relaxing in boat with fishing rod
paper sculpture image of female runner crossing the finish line
illuminated Letter in 3D paper sculpture
Illuminated Manuscript of title God Loves You
Illustration of Giraffe about to eat from the leaves of a tree
Illustration of Henry VIII hobbies and pastimes
Illustration of Henry VIII coronation with Katherine of Aragon
Illustration of Henry VIII at Field of cloth of Gold
Henry VIII at Hampton Court with Cardinal Wolesey
Henry VIII watches the sinking of the Mary Rose
illustration of saving money
Illustration of waiter's hand and tray presenting monument
Beach scene in paper sculpture showing sun, sand and sea with surfer on wave
Illustration of Magic wands and other magical items
Paper craft fashion illustration
rooster crowing illustration
Chipmonk on the golden trail in paper sculpture
papercraft collage of turkey gondolier in Venice
white paper cut image of rare insects with plants and leaves
White paper cut image of insects and foliage - butterfly, beetle and bee
Illustration of travelscene made from dollar bills
illustration of swallow bird
Paper sculpture images surround the crossword with a theme of gifts and giving
Illustration of plane made from dollar bills
Illustration of city beach scene
Illustration of aircraft carrier ship on sea of type carrying symbols of engineering achievements
paper construction rock band with singer, guitarist and drummer
Paper sculpture collage of pirate treasure chest
paper sculpture hummingbird
Illustration of a horse made from bill receipts
Paper sculpture illustration of man with wings flying
Illustration of Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus
Illustration of Fallen feathers
Illustration of New York landmarks
Illustration of Las Vegas landmarks
Character Design Illustration of King Midas
3D papercraft image of girl placing a rose into a vase
paper sculpture food map of discovery
Illustration of The elements - earth, air, fire, water
3D illustration of a running horse gallops
Paper sculpture chain of people for Guardian Guide
Illustration of Tokyo landmarks
folded paper illustration of Gunship and crane
paper sculpture crocodile head
illustration of portrait scottie dog
Digital 3D collage of Yorkshire terrier dog
Illustration of Nightscene in Portugal
paper sculpture schooner ship on a cube-shaped globe
origami paper cut craft

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