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Juliet Percival

International medical & line illustrator. UK

Juliet Percival
Working from her studio in Durham, Juliet Percival combines the anatomical knowledge she has from her training in physiology, with a prodigious creative talent honed at Falmouth College of Arts. She’s a medical and scientific illustrator who, in addition to communicating medical information, enjoys adding a creative and personal element to what might otherwise be quite cold and clinical pieces. The human body is beautiful, and she aims to fully appreciate its aesthetic value in her work.


Juliet has first class degrees in Physiology from Edinburgh University, and Illustration from Falmouth College of Arts.


Each piece begins as graphite line work. The initial drawing is scanned in, sometimes with a subtle watercolour background, and coloured digitally using Photoshop’s brushes. The strength of the lines in the image can be adjusted to the client’s wishes. Sometimes, she’ll work from a pen drawing, adding flat digital colours rather than brush work, for a bolder look.


Juliet’s work ranges from highly detailed and realistic watercolours to a much looser drawing style. More spontaneity and personality can often give a cold, scientific subject a warmer aesthetic feel that’s more appealing and accessible. She’d love to illustrate an anatomy book based on her knowledge of the human body but with the scope to pursue a more creative style. Juliet enjoys non-medical commissions too, branching into botany, zoology and even cartography.
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Anatomy of pregnancy - Medical illustration collection
maps, travel, cruise, seal, penguin, Falkland Islands, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Valparaiso
deli, menu, food, prawns, cake, bread, croissants, tapas
map, kew gardens, plant display, barefoot, walking, feet, toes, pebbles
plant display, kew, herbs, natural medicine, garden, plants, flowers, landscape architecture
Medical illustration of anatomy of a girl
Durham, cathedral, Albert Street, Western Hill, viaduct, winter, terrace, rooftops, snow, frosty
Anatomy of human body - Medical illustration collection
Anatomy of bones - Medical illustration collection
Fertilization illustration by Juliet Percival
People at pharmacy - An illustration by Juliet Percival
Anatomy of angina - An illustration by Juliet Percival
traditional, hand drawn, rotunda, Petworth Mansion, Deer Park, cedar, beech, woodland, stag
Miscellaneous exercise pose - An illustration by Juliet Percival
Miscellaneous exercise pose - An illustration by Juliet Percival
bunting, hand drawn, south park, art festival, Darlington
Kew Gardens, palm house, conservatory, architecture
map, traditional, hand drawn, compass, Durham, cathedral, castle, River Wear, Framwelgate Bridge
map, traditional, hand drawn, Florence, Tuscany, Paris
wildlife, wild animals, hare, owl, kingfisher, otter, dragonfly, pond skater
birds, swallows, migration
man, woman, face, portrait, sketch, pencil, scientist
Illustration of acupressure for hands
Anatomy illustration of a hand
Anatomy illustration of diabetes eye
Anatomy illustration of digestive & urinary systems
Skeleton evolution illustration | Medical illustration collection
An illustration of operating theatre
Human heart | Medical illustration collection
Medical anatomy illustration of brain and stomach
Medical anatomy illustration of vascular dementia
hands, fingers, Chinese brush painting
genetics, genes, test tube, laboratory, pipette, double helix, research scientist
Medical anatomy illustration of cardiac angioplasty stents
Anatomy illustration of digestive System
Anatomy illustration of male reproduction
Anatomy illustration of male pelvic floor muscles & reproductive organs
Sperm and egg illustration by Juliet Percival
anatomy of mouth illustration by Juliet Percival
Human heart, brain, lungs, veins | Medical illustration collection
Women's health by Juliet Percival
Doctor and parachute jumper illustration by Juliet Percival
An illustration of patient health diet
nature, landscape, countryside, rural, Severn Valley, damson
map, Harrier League, Durham, Aykley Heads, Cross Country, race
Wales, Cardiff, travel sketch, law courts, statue, city hall, cupola, dome
Italy, travel, Milan, Duomo, travel sketch. Manarola, Rome, fishing village
Cardiff Bay, sketchbook, Millennium Centre, modern, contemporary, urban
Anatomy of yoga for postures - An illustration by Juliet Percival
Durham, cathedral, graphite, architecture, travel sketch, nave, rose window, pillar, chevron, norman
Anatomy of running man - Medical illustration collection
map, traditional, hand drawn, compass, Burma, Italy, Antarctica, Mississippi
Medical illustration of circulatory system
Anatomy of facial nerves of a boy - Medical illustration collection
graphite, traditional, viaduct, Durham, winter sun, rooftops
food preparation, turkey, carve, christmas, cookery, drumstick, stuffing
medicine, complementary therapies, homeopathy, herbs, research, scientist
Medicine Packets - An illustration by Juliet Percival
statue, figure, model, cosmetic, classical, aphrodite, beauty
Medical illustration of anatomy of heart, kidney
Anatomy of heart- An illustration by Juliet Percival
Anatomy female IVF - An illustration by Juliet Percival
Water Aerobics - An illustration by Juliet Percival
map, Barcombe, Newcastle, wedding stationary, traditional, hand drawn
Lindisfarne castle, rowing boat, beach, sea, coast, Holy Island, Northumberland
map, traditional, hand drawn, compass, Australia, travel, food, Adelaide, decorative
running horses, equine
celebration, bunting, fairy lights, paper lanterns
Portrait illustration of scientists
Illustration of acupressure for legs
anatomy, hearing, head bones, skull, jawbone, face, teeth, mandible,zygomatic bone, condoyle
Osteoporosis - Medical illustration collection
Anatomy illustration of arm muscles and lower limb muscles
Medical anatomy illustration of of spinal nerves
Human heart ventricles | Medical illustration collection
Medical illustration of Vagal massage
Medical anatomy illustration of systole and diastole
An illustration of Dinosaur anatomy
An illustration of cosmetic surgery
An illustration of stem cell transplantation
An illustration of vein thrombosis
An illustration of ECG electrodes and pacemakers
Anatomy illustration of rheumatoid arthritis
Anatomy illustration of pelvic organ prolapse
Anatomy illustration of knee joint
dog, storm, wind, beach, rain, man, waterproofs
Urinary System | Medical illustration collection
Colon surgery | Medical illustration collection
Anatomy of human body organs illustration by Juliet Percival
trampoline, man, elderly, pensioner, jumping, energetic
food, meat, butchery, pork, beef, forequarter, shank,blade bone
Botanical garden, Arizona, South Mountain Park, spade, radish, allotments, street map, horticulture
wales, cardiff, travel sketch, architecture, modern, contemporary, Millennium Centre, urban
wales, Cardiff, St David's, architecture, church, street, cafe,
cardiff, law courts, city hall, dome, cupola, penarth, pier
map, England, United Kingdom, viking, traditional
gentlemen's club, london, restaurant, dining room, chef, butler, pillar, architecture
hand drawn, traditional, world map, spices, allspice, garlic, saffron, turmeric, chillies, vanilla,
art festival, south park, Darlington, musician, reading, painting, dancing, crafts, clock tower
Botanical Garden, butterfly, aloe vera, cactus, sonoran desert, nature trail, horticulture
Lungs illustration | Medical illustration collection
Durham, boathouse, Elvet Bridge, river, pleasure boat, cathedral, castle,
London, River Thames, St Pauls, river boat, embankment, cityscape, winter, frosty
Anatomy of gout - Medical illustration collection
music, festivals, piano, violin, cello, saxophone, drums
Anatomy of spine - An illustration by Juliet Percival
Anatomy of COPD - An illustration by Juliet Percival
Medical illustration of biofilm life cycle
Massage and Acupuncture - An illustration by Juliet Percival
Exercise illustrations by Juliet Percival
cardiff, wales, penarth, travel sketch, sea, pier
durham Cathedral, River Wear, travel sketch
map, traditional, hand drawn, compass, Puglia, France, decorative, River Itchen, UK spa
Illustration of a baby girl sleeping
DNA, monkey, genes, genetics, helix, chromosomes, science, biology
man, face, portrait, sketch, pencil, ink
man, face, portrait, sketch, pencil, ink
Anatomy illustration of inflammatory arthritis
Anatomy illustration of diabetes mellitus
Ovulation process illustration by Juliet Percival
Skeleton illustration | Medical illustration collection
An illustration of muscle fibres, retina, skin
Medical anatomy illustration of pulmonary vein ablation
Medical anatomy illustration of hair
An illustration of hygiene doctors
An illustration of self massage
An illustration of reflexology for hands and feet
Heart, lungs, brain illustration by Juliet Percival
Anatomy illustration of body systems
Anatomy illustration of human reproductive systems
Anatomy illustration of female pelvic floor muscles
Anatomy illustration of brain pathway
Synapses | Medical illustration collection
IVF | Medical illustration collection
Pilates illustration by Juliet Percival
Anatomy of human body illustration by Juliet Percival
First Aid | Medical illustration collection
An illustration of skinning a Rabbit
planning application, residential development, masterplan, compass, residential,
sun dial, statue, Penarth, glasshouse, sculpture
Italy, travel, Venice, gondolas, canal, travel sketch
italy, travel, sketchbook, Rialto Bridge, gondolas, Venice

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