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Turine Tran

International children's illustrator. Singapore

Turine Tran

The Story of Nian

Monday, February 29, 2016

Turine Tran illustrates a classic Chinese folk tale for Harper Collins.

As part of the publishers Big Cat Series for children, the book is illustrated with detail and affection by Turine and is now released worldwide. The story is a traditional tale from China, which is often told near Chinese New Year and explains some Chinese ancient rituals.


Père Noël

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Turine Tran works with Transcontinental Media in Canada to produce a big book for Christmas, Le merveilleux monde du Père Noël.

The seasonal story is for sale now and will delight child readers with its pull-outs, tabs and little interior books introducing young readers to the fantastic world of Santa Claus! They'll learn how the elves live and work, how they receive mails and judge naughty and nice children, they'll also meet the reindeers and Mrs. Claus. Turine says "Christmas has been very important to me and my family since I was a little child. I always wanted to paint a huge illustration of Santa's workshop and I thought I would spend about a month doing just it. Then I got this commission, only so much bigger with many more highly detailed artworks and just 5 weeks to make. However, I said yes right away to the job, meaning saying yes to many sleepless nights working on the book, and I'm so glad I did. It's definitely one of my favourite works. The client is such a joy to work with. It delights me knowing it will add to the holiday book collection of other people when Christmas is near." Translated in English as The Marvellous World of Santa Claus, the French text is written by Annie Bacon.



Magical Moments

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Turine Tran produces a magical poster for Phoenix Group Bangkok.

Turine Tran produces a magical poster for Phoenix Group Bangkok.

The folded collectable poster encompasses many moments of lifeups and downs, from childhood to old age. Turine's challenge was to connect all the little vignettes of life in one composition whilst giving it a coherent theme.  She says "So I came up with this picture of a meadow, where you can see many elf-like characters of different ages. Some are lost in their own private worlds, some are in the middle of interactions. Some suggest fun, excitement, achievement, but also sadness, loneliness and disappointment, just like what we go through in life. The bubbles is my treatment to connect all these moments together in one whole composition. They're all started with one little child playing in the meadow. With the warm and moody colour tone, I want to give a whimsical, nostalgic feel, as if you see it in a dream and recollect your childhood memories."

Night Sprites

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Turine Tran illustrates Sam Hay's 'Stella and the Night Sprites' in full magical glory!

Turine Tran illustrates Sam Hay's 'Stella and the Night Sprites' in full magical glory!

Scholastic U.S commissioned Turine to produce the cover artwork for this first book of a series called Knit-Knotters, about a girl Stella and her little night sprite friends. The book is released in January 2016 and follows the story of Stella who is upset when she finds out she needs glasses. It turns out her new glasses are magic and when she wears them, Stella can see the sparkly night sprites! Read more on the book here.

Gail Armstrong, James Grover, Sharif Tarabay and Turine Tran are shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

above - Gail Armstrong's work for SOGO

below - James Grover's work for Zizzi Ristorante

above - Turine Tran's work for Crayola

below - Sharif Tarabay's work for DONG Energy UK

We are super-excited to hear that Gail Armstrong, James Grover, Turine Tran and Sharif Tarabay have had their work shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards in partnership with the Directory of Illustration.

Gail Armstrong's artwork for the SOGO campaign shortlisted in the Advertising and Design category, was to celebrate their 29th Anniversary. SOGO in Hong Kong commissioned an illustration to reflect the shopping experience in the prestigious department store during their celebration week. The image had to reference the various store departments and goods available and feature typical shoppers, whilst being colourful, lively and festive.  'SOGO 29th Anniversary' had to be an integral part of the image and the artwork had to work in a variety of formats and scales, with the option to extract key elements to use as stand-alone images.

Shortlisted for the Public Realm category, James Grover's Zizzi mural was to decorate two restaurant walls, bringing individuality to the site by finding inspiration in local history or landmarks. The murals are themed around the close proximity of Rockingham Forest to the town. In prehistoric times the area was the largest expanse of woodland in the country. More recently, in medieval England, the forest was allocated as a Royal Hunting Forest where wild boar, fallow deer and pheasant were in abundance.

Sharif Tarabay's painting for DONG Energy UK was to convey the UK's rich heritage combined with its modern innovation and technologies - shortlisted in the Advertising and Design category. 

Lastly Turine Tran's work for Crayola with Leo Burnett in Ho Chi Minh city was to promote brand awareness of Crayola in a visually arresting way with the concept of 'unrolling' a colour pencil, laying it out flat, and seeing all the visuals that are waiting to be drawn by that pencil. "The brief was pretty simple and straightforward, but the charm needs to come from choosing and composing the iconic red objects. The effect I was after is the intensity of red, and the strong emotional tension it provoke. So instead of positioning and layering them randomly, I tried to place them so that totally unrelated things seem to have connections to each other. I leave the storytelling up to the viewers to interpret and connect the dot." says Turine. This piece is also shortlisted in the Advertising and Design category.

We are truly proud of all our artists who entered this year and look forward to finding out the results soon! Look here for the complete shortlist.

Tran in Vietnam

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Turine Tran exhibits with the Saigon Artbook this week.

Turine Tran exhibits with the Saigon Artbook this week.

These magical pieces of personal work by Turine will be shown at the 3A Gallery as part of the Saigon Artbook's quarterly exhibition. Running from 19th - 22nd March, it's worth a look if you're in that part of the world.

Ming and the Caterpillar

Thursday, February 05, 2015

'Ming and the Caterpillar' illustrated by Turine Tran is published by National Geographic Learning (Cengage Learning in the US).

'Ming and the Caterpillar' illustrated by Turine Tran is published by National Geographic Learning (Cengage Learning in the US).

This simple story is about a boy visiting his sick grandma and meeting a caterpillar on his way, he takes it into his care and on the journey the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. Turine says "This is the 3rd book I've done for National Geographic Learning. And as the previous ones, one of the main requirements is that the art needs to show the characters' ethnic beauty - their sweetness needs to come out naturally. In this book, Ming is a caring Chinese boy."  Turine used a warm spring-time palette for this book; which is also educational - teaching children how caterpillars turn into butterflies. She continues "I enjoyed working on it a favourite is the final page, when the butterfly flies up gracefully to greet and thank Ming in his grandma's living room."

Witch Girl

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turine Tran illustrates a short story for Spider Magazine.

The story by Siena Leslie is about a witch girl learning magic through her new cat, Toby. Turine's narrative and enchanting style works wonders for this tale inspired by the author's daughter and their real cat.

The Snow Queen

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Turine Tran illustrates a production poster for The Snow Queen.

Turine Tran illustrates a production poster for The Snow Queen.

Turine collaborated with London based 'Feast Creative' to make this visual for the show which will make its debut in Southampton and Northampton this month and next. The challenge for Turine was not to make the illustration dark or sinister, she says of the final piece "The visual delivers the strong minded and determined Gerda, facing the challenges to find her best friend. On the broken pieces of glass around her, you can see the reflections of her hometown, friends, and most prominently, the Snow Queen herself -  facing her directly. Behind Gerda is the Snow Queen's castle, shimmering a magical glow. On top of her head, the raven is spreading it's wings."

A Crayola Campaign

Friday, May 02, 2014

Turine Tran works with Leo Burnett in Vietnam to produce a series of hand drawn images for a Crayola advertising campaign.

The campaign was to promote brand awareness in a visually arresting way with the concept of 'unrolling' a colour pencil, laying it out flat, and seeing all the visuals that are waiting to be drawn by that pencil. Currently used on billboards, street posters, in-store, as well as press and digital use, the three drawings celebrate the craft of drawing. Turine says "The main challenge was actually creating a visual that just used one colour. Each visual (red, green and blue) features only objects of that one colour. So for example, red is full of London buses, Santa Claus, roses etc and blue is full of blue water, blue whales, blue jeans etc. We had to use only one colour in each illustration to create light and shade and a feeling of depth and movement. The key objective was to make passers-by stop and go 'wow'....It's been a great deal of fun working on this, and people's reaction with the billboard is awesome to behold."

the ads live


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Turine Tran works with PanToy in Taiwan to create a toy design.
The brief was to make a character of a little boy around six years old wearing a wolf baby suit. Turine took inspiration from the character Max in Maurice Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are', and then loaded her design with cool accessories such as a backpack, skateboard and a lollipop gun. The final piece is now a cute toy, with Turine's poster art as promotion. She says of the commission "It was a lovely, fun project, and I'm totally in love with the toy at the end!"

Tilly's Moonlight Garden

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turine Tran has created this exceptional piece of art for the cover of Julia Green's book 'Tilly's Moonlight Garden'. Commissioned by Source Books in the US, Turine's brief was to create a modern version of The Secret Garden, with fantasy and mysticism. Turine says "The process was absolutely pleasant for both the client and me. They approached with a clear reference of what they liked from my portfolio, such as dreamy images, plants, flowers and colours. ...It was such a great pleasure to work with them and I do hope we can work together again in the future". The UK version is out now,  with this one being released towards the end of the year.

Turine Tran's Scrapbook

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Solitude is an essential ingredient for Turine Tran's creative process, along with archiving memories in her pocket book. Turine Ran's Scrapbook.

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