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Vicky Scott

International collage illustrator. UK

Vicky Scott
Growing up in West London near Richmond and the Thames, Victoria Scott was always drawing and making things as a child, and knew from an early age that she wanted to be an illustrator.

She admits to being a history geek, and often has documentaries about the Stuarts, the Tudors, Ancient Egypt and even Who Do You Think You Are on while she works. If it’s not history she’ll have Brit Pop playing in her studio, and still makes sure she goes to see at least one 90s band every year. She likes to swim, particularly in outdoor pools, and is on the hunt for the best ones. Her influences come from the early 20th century, such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, but she also enjoys a bit of 60s psychedelia.


Vicky went to the Wimbledon School of Art and Design for foundation, and then went to the University of Brighton to gain a BA in Illustration.


All of Vicky’s illustrations are created as handmade paper collages. She follows a fairly complex process that involves sketching, then planning the piece on her computer in Photoshop. She then prints it out, traces it and uses the tracings to cut out her paper shapes, which are then assembled and glued into place.


By its very nature, Vicky’s work is highly figurative, and you’d describe it as quirky, colourful, bold, graphic and a little retro. She likes to bring a narrative element into her work as much as possible.
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wonderland, alice, white rabbit, mushrooms, flamingo, roses, forest, disco, club,party
rabbit, roses, running, watch, wonderland, party
apps, phone, space, cat, restarant, business, rocket, food, kids, sun, stars
Girl with laptop illustration by Vicky Scott
sea, sunset, water, rivers, city, cities, girl, mountain,
tree, animals, fox, peacock, birds, owl, parrot, toucan, squirrel,monkey
sun, cd cover, girl, stars, birds, 60's, psychedelic, band, music, daisy, apple, type,
british security forces illustration by Vicky Scott
map, wildlife, campsite, camping, nature, sun, tents, camper van, hens, dogs, otter, ducks, bunting
sunset illustration, Girl below tree
Girl listening to music illustration by Vicky Scott
Alice in Wonderland illustration by Vicky Scott
Girl swiming illustration by Vicky Scott
Georgian ladies illustration by Vicky Scott
birds, hair, spring, marie antoinette
Girl holding cupcakes illustration by Vicky Scott
dreams, lady, sunflowers, flying, stars, owl, boat, sleep
autumn, deer, rabbit, leaves, birds, girl, blackbird, mushrooms
cat, big ben, london, bike, bicycle, cycling
owl, space, rocket, stars, astronaut, charity
space, cat, kitty, stars, app, tile art, astronaut, planet, stars, telescope,
elephant, butterfly, flowers, tropical, waterfall, sun, moon, stars, elephant,
balloons, 60's, faces, sunrise, sun, birds, swallows, clouds, trees, countryside, sky
drink, eating, paris, city.dessert, cake, mask, wine, stars, champagne, cake, strawberries, clouds
car, family, tree, road, clock, driving,dad, boy, girl, headphones, teenager, house, mum,,
space, cat, kitty, stars, app, tile art, astronaut, rocket, planet, stars
rabbit, bike, bicycle, victorian, man, gentleman, monocle
tea, lemonade, buterfly, pimms, teapot, cupcakes, bird, cake, polka dots,
Animal illustration - deer playing in Richmond Park by Victoria Scott
rabbit, fox, forest, wood, sheep, squirrel, flowers, birds, bluetits
island, tropical, sunset, mermaid, fish, mountain, rainbow, sea
fashion, lady, dress, couture
xmas, christmas, cats, cat, robin, skating, sledge, trees, holly, skates, coat
Baby, robin, tree, presents, christmas, xmas, stars
girl, record player, records, cat, fashion, 60's dress
london, bus, tube, tfl, big ben, st pauls, bridge, cows, sky, village, city
wonderland, flamingo, disco ball, party, nightclub, cocktail, mushrooms, stars
scales, silhouette, bike, pram, dog, hair, car, tv, gardening, home, house, bath, pets
man, city, car, flowers, girl, guitar, London, fruit
brighton, wedding, pavilion, seaside, love, seagulls, cats, couple, birds, flowers, gardens
animals, wildlife, map, birds, lion, penguin, toucan, eagle, ele, octopus
wolves, wolf, owls, girl, night, mushrooms, bunny, rabbit, mice, mouse
Birds flying from girl dress illustration by Vicky Scott
60's, skulls, sun, bus, hippies, hippy, psychedelic, music, festival, birds, pandas, stars, night
opera glasses, silhouette, lady, suit, bow tie, heart, top hat, greta garbo, lady, 1930's, retro
Super hero illustration by Vicky Scott
city, cities, london, sunset, clouds
girl, cake, bed, cat, cupcake, heart
Lovers under tree illustration by Vicky Scott
Kids playing illustration by Vicky Scott
Illustration for beauty girl
owls, rocket, space, moon, flag, charity, planets, stars
circus, stars, bunny, hearts, flowers,
rabbit, rabbits, bunnies, butterfly, hearts, trees, nest, flowers
balloons, 60's, faces, sunrise, sun, birds, swallows, clouds, trees, countryside, sky
Cityscape illustration by Victoria Scott
car, family, tree, road, clock, driving,
Illustration for terry jones story
cats, spain, jazz, dali, night, cheshire cat, fishing, boats, village, seaside, sea, flowers, stars
Illustration of Catford Shop Shutter by Victoria Scott
cat, darcy, dress, fashion, maze, stetely home, garden, doves, love
donkey, saddle
Illustration for Le Cool magazine by Victoria Scott
city, london, bus, transport, girl, train, boat, balloon, plane, metro, cogs
doves, mistletoe, christmas
hedgehog, tea, egg, easter, cup
west pier, seaside, brighton, band stand, musician, silhouette, dog, trumpet, balloon, juggler
wonderland, caterpillar, mushroom, stars, pipe, smoking
health, lady, hair, flowers, daisy, baby, wine, leaves
Fruits on lady head illustration by Vicky Scott
school, autumn, city, boy, mum, uniform, first day, satchel, leaves, view
horse, girl, hair, sun, sunset, swallow, trees, landscape
tree, mountain, lady, village, cows, swallows
silhouette, heads, speech bubbles, city, plane, tractor
silhouette, dog, crowd, umbrella, lamp post, fence, hoarding, black and white, man,
miami, cityscape, sunset, stars, sunglasses, hat, fashion, flamingo, palm trees,
Girl looking at footwear illustration by Vicky Scott
sunset, countryside, city, heart girls, deer, animals, wildlife,
cactus, hummingbid, bee, chain, allergy, haealth, crying, flowers, itch
Space theme illustration by Vicky Scott
peacock, princess, birds, lizards, fruit, butterfly, collage,book cover, oscar wilde
Illustration for band Stereovenus album
London, fashion, coat, heart, Big Ben, skylinw
70's, flowers, retro, girl, orange, bunny, birds
sea, beach, tropical, car, 1960's, flowers, glamour, flamingo, palm tree
eating, paris, city.dessert, cake, mask, wine, stars, champagne,
opera, 1940's, ice cream, moon, night, singing, vintage
james bond, london, food, shopping, savoy, luxury, steak
space, cat, kitty, stars, app, tile art, astronaut, rocket, planet, stars
lady, tree, deer, clothes, cat, mushrooms, owl, butterflies, umbrella
puffin, bird, captain hat,
snow, snow queen, robin, mountains, christmas, sleigh, crown, village, alpine, alps,
fashion, lady, dress, couture
elephant, London, city, doves, birds, bus, Battersea power station, BT tower
deer, robin, silhouette, rabbit, forest, christmas, dove, tree, presents
queen, elizabeth 1st, tea, drinking, Tudor,

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