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Lucille Clerc designs an album cover for Jim Perkins' and Tom Gaisford's Byrds.

Lucille worked with the record label Bigo & Twigetti on the cover which sees her drawing in an instinctive way reacting to the music and sound. The album cover has been selected in A Closer Listen's best album covers of the year - a website covering instrumental and experimental music. Lucille says of the project "Jim usually sends me samples or/and explains to me the concept behind the sound. I listen to the samples again and again, and write the images that come to mind while listening. This part is very nice, It’s very instinctive. I don’t think about the result of the final image but only about a shape or concept that could be a visual translation of his music. I've been developing an aesthetic that is quite abstract and consistent, and it's very nice for me to see this visual world unfold like a panorama from one album to the next. Jim's music feels quite dreamy and ethereal to me and I wanted to keep this sensation in my images, something quite light, airy, and open that encourages the mind to travel a little. For Byrds the idea was to reflect a sort of echo like ripples on water. All my images are hand drawn and/or screen printed to keep as much texture as possible. The music is very crafted with several levels of sounds and overlapping and I wanted to reflect this too. See the review here.


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