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06:25 PM - 17 Oct 18
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12:10 PM - 16 Oct 18

Annie Get Your Gum

Agnès Ernoult illustrates a children's poem for Spider Magazine

Children's magazine Spider were delighted with Agnès Ernoult's charming illustration which perfectly illustrated Neal Levin's poem, the author was also enchanted with the end result:

"The artwork for this poem was done by Agnes Ernoult, who came up with an exciting and creative interpretation of my work. I originally envisioned Annie as a human, not a squirrel, but I love how the finished product turned out."

Annie sticks her bubble gum in all the weirdest places:

Sometimes right behind her ear or in between her braces,

sometimes underneath her desk, and sometimes on her phone.

Once she stuck her bubble gum, inside her slide trombone.

Yesterday she took a wad and shoved it up her nose.

A month ago, that sticky stuff was tucked between her toes.

She says she wants to keep it safe and never ever lose it.

I don’t see why that matters— she hardly ever chews it. "








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