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Scottish Independence

Monday, September 01, 2014

Liam O'Farrell paints a political cartoon illustrating the upcoming Scottish Independence vote.

Liam was asked to illustrate an article which features a series of questions put to Ruth Davidson (leader of the Scottish Conservatives and Conservative MSP  for Glasgow) and Paul Wheelhouse (the Minister for Environment and Climate Change in the Scottish Parliament and Scottish National Party).  Liam says "Essentially Ruth wants to remain as part of the UK and Paul is against the union. With this in mind, the client and I developed the idea of Ruth pulling the two nations together and Paul pushing them apart.  We felt it important to give a balanced view and avoid any cliché hero/villain scenarios. We also had to take into account that both view themselves as proud Scots. Once we were clear on this, I added in the flags of the two sides, each wearing representative tartans and even Nessie as well!" Commissioned by Knight Frank LLP you can see more information on the debate here.

Dinosaur Stationery

Friday, August 29, 2014


one example of the dinosaur stationery

some of the characters designed by Duncan


Duncan's character sketches


Duncan Beedie shows his talent for character design with these pieces of stationery for Made By Ellis.

The cute dinosaur illustrations are playful and meek and have been used for children's party invites, thank you cards and notebooks.

BP Spotlight

Thursday, August 28, 2014

 Lucia's artwork

Lucia Emanuela Curzi has a piece of work featured in the BP Spotlight exhibition at Tate Britain.

August's theme is texture and collage so Lucia created an artwork using a variety of pictures and ink markings. The exhibition called BP Spotlight: Source – Texture & Collage shows Lucia's work on a digital screen as part of the display alongside other works and is running until Sunday 31st August. Go here for more information.

Sandor Katz

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Michael Tonn makes a portrait illustration for the Seven Days Paper.

Sandor Katz is a culinary celebrity in the States who is an expert in the art of fermentation and has written a number of books on the subject.  Michael's artwork shows Sandor with his creations and has been used in the paper as well as being shown in an exhibition in California - requested by Sandor himself.

New Talent - Tracy Turnbull

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trained in fashion design, Tracy Turnbull's illustrations convey her love for drawing, clothing and youth culture.

She likes to keep her work looking fresh by following the catwalk and has a strong understanding of clothing construction and proportions, take a look at her portfolio...

Stella and Sprouts

Thursday, August 21, 2014

above: Stella McCartney and sport inspired fashion

below: sprouts are the new power food!


Marta Spendowska illustrates Stella McCartney and Brussel Sprouts for two issues of D2 Magazine.

These fabulous watercolour paintings were commissioned by Norwegian Business Daily - known as D2. The first was to create a portrait of Stella McCartney and a set of four spontaneous 'sport fashion' looks based on Stella’s collaboration with Adidas. For the second issue Marta illustrated an article about the new power food of brussel sprouts, combining them with a salad, walnuts and parmesan cheese!

New Talent - Juliet Percival

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome to the portfolio of medical and scientific illustrator Juliet Percival.

Combining her training in physiology with an artistic talent fine-tuned at Falmouth College of Arts, Juliet conveys the wonders of the human body giving medical illustrations an extra level of creativity.

A Community Fair

Monday, August 18, 2014

above: Helen's illustration

above and below: after the kids have had some fun

Helen Lang works on a community engagement programme for the City of London.

Helen was commissioned by the education and marketing department of Tower Bridge to illustrate a loose and imaginative version of the London skyline as seen from the high-level walkways at Tower Bridge. The artwork was used to engage children and parents as part of the community fair and allow them to creatively respond to the artistic rendering of the skyline. Helen says "This illustration features historic figures and details particular events in the life of the Bridge such as the time a huge rubber duck was floated down the Thames and the time a bus jumped across the bridge. The final illustration was divided up into sections and participants were invited and encouraged to colour in sections of the skyline, to add their own skyscrapers, boats, buses, trains, clouds, trees, dogs, people, aliens, monsters- whatever they like! By the end of the day they had a fully populated (and very colourful) view of the area surrounding Tower Bridge"

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