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MAC's Art of the Lip Event

Jacqueline Bissett spends 3 days at Westfield drawing shopper's lips for a MAC Cosmetics event.

Jacqueline is completely at home sat across from a model creating a stunning fashion portrait - knowing this strength the MAC team commissioned her to be part of their event last weekend to promote their gorgeous lipstick shades. Jacqueline says "It was incredibly well organised, right down to them supplying me with a white jumpsuit and nude heels. I had makeup done @ 1pm, starring at 2pm-8pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm - LOVED having a professional makeup artist (Kom) doing my makeup which was amazing- the bright red lips 'Fashion Legacy' - I will be purchasing! The customers queued up to have their lips made up - some amazing colours- blue, purple, as well as the more usual colours. After being made up, they came to me for their quick portrait. I met some great people including some hard working Junior Doctors and the Mac team were fantastic- really professional but lovely with it! Westfield was very busy for the 3 days and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience." The small portraits were put into 'sleeves' with the 'Art of the lip' graphics which feature many artists' work including our own Sarah Beetson and Nuno DaCosta. She continues "I was exhausted by Sunday evening but felt thoroughly satisfied and proud to be part of this fantastic campaign. This was the 3rd event, globally, with more to come!"

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